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Valleys and Bonding Gutters in Barnsley

At G S Roofing Supplies, we have a variety of stock, including bonding gutters, facias, tiles, roofing timber and more at very competitive prices. See what we can offer you today.

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At G S Roofing Supplies we supply a range of products for valleys and bonding gutters, including brands such as Filon. For further enquiries, please get in touch with us today - we can deliver straight to you!

Gutters Drainpipes and Soffits


​Valleys are formed where a set of two roof slopes are met. Therefore, water is collected in the valley which then flows off the roof. In addition, roof valleys require roof flashing to ensure that all water substances are flowing away and working properly. Our systems include:

  • Dry bonding gutters

  • Dry valley trough

  • Wet valley trough

  • Wet bonding gutters

Bonding Gutters

Bonding gutters are used to create weather-tight joint which is between roof coverings, normally on terraced or semi-detached properties. Therefore, these gutters are placed normally over a party wall which is in between the properties.

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Corner of a Roof Gutter

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