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Nails and bolts arranged as a frame, the subject building repairs

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Nails and Screws in Barnsley

At G S Roofing Supplies, we provide everything you need for roofing, right down to nails and screws. If you are looking for anything specific, our team are more than happy to help. Contact us today for further information about our extensive range of stock items.

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Here at G S Roofing Supplies Ltd, we pride ourselves on the quality roofing supplies that we can provide you with and the level of service we supply with it. The fixings you use are crucial in keeping the roof sturdy, so make sure you choose the best quality nails and screws for the job - contact us to get your supply sorted.

Screws on a wooden board

High-Quality Nails and Screws

​Based in Barnsley, we provide robust nails and screws such as copper, galvanised and alley nails and screws.

Copper Nail Supplies

Copper nails for example are normally used to fix various roof slates on pitched roofed properties, but can also be used to secure various tiles to be set in place. Get quality nails and screws from us today.

Call us: 01226 716066

Nails on a wooden board

“Really good Roofing yard everything you need.”

Review by Kingfisher Roofing, Google review

Contact us for quality nails and screws in Barnsley today for further enquiries

Discuss your enquiries with our dedicated team today based in G S Roofing Supplies.

Call us: 01226 716066

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